Established in 1996 Mass Food was the first company to produce extruded Breakfast Cereals in Egypt. Through flexibility and continuous development, the company has reached exports to over 45 countries spreading the Temmy's brand name as well as various private labels throughout the world. This success of 25% - 30% annual growth was only achieved by our careful selection of ingredients which assures the finest quality of our products as well as the constant product development and flexibility to satisfy the various tastes and habits of the world. To capitalize on our world presence and leading position in the local market, we have introduced international cross-company structures to promote promising products and concepts in new geographical areas. We believe that the success of a corporation is a reflection of the professionalism and responsible attitude of the management and all employees.
In 2006 a sister company was established as a part of the expansion plan. With the latest state of the art technologies in production lines the company has expanded in products such as cereal bars, biscuits, instant noodles and more cereals. The Temmy's brand has set high standards as well as expectations from our consumers as we always rely on the finest and healthiest ingredients. Offering balanced nutritious products is not our goal but our responsibility towards our consumers.
Looking for a healthy start for your day or an energizing Snack? Mass Food is committed to providing high quality products that will fulfill today's consumer needs. We understand that the right nutrition is the key for health conscious people and caring parents. Therefore, we have designed several lines of products, all tailored to match the different needs of consumers without compromising on taste.
Thanks to our in-house microbiology and chemical labs, we can always ensure the quality of ingredients and finished products. Before raw materials are unloaded into storage warehouses they are carefully tested and benchmarked to make sure they meet the required specifications Samples are collected at several stages during the production process and are evaluated for consistency. In our fully equipped labs, random tests are carried out on various parameters before packaging, storage distribution or export.

Certificates awarded to us