Throughout the past 18 years, Mass Food has managed to establish over 45 exports markets.
Thanks to the product quality, prices and flexibility the business is enjoying a 25% -30% annual growths and continuous development as well as increase in capacity.
We export our Temmy's label as well as any requested private label or PB for major retailers.
Cereals have been around in Egypt since the Pharos, more than 5000 years ago. The only difference is that the culture is used to eat hot cereals such as pearl wheat and the famous Egyptian dish so called "Om Ali". With the introduction of Cold cereals from the West, it was difficult to change the mindset of such an old habit and have the people eat processed cereals in cold milk. Through intensive effort, promotions and consumer awareness campaigns we have managed to introduce Corn Flakes and other extruded cereals to the Egyptian household. Mass Food has successfully managed to increase the market size to more than 3 times of what it used to be 10 years ago with a long way to go.
The World is a town! Wherever you are around the world, we will surely be able to meet you at any of the large specialized food Exhibitions worldwide. At Mass Food we care for attending all major exhibitions in all continents. This is not only to broaden our customer base, but also to meet with our current customers and get a chance to go over any points or issues by meeting in person. It's always a great occasion for a get together whether it's to demonstrate our new products or just to have a chat.
We do believe that every country has different customs and habits, therefore, we understand your concern to develop a customized pack in terms of size, flavor, ingredients or shape of product. This has helped us in developing many markets as well as eliminating competition between our customers and cross boarder sales.